Pirates Car Hire (Pty) Ltd is a company incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles and having its registered office at Mahe, Seychelles (hereinafter called the Owner) of the first part and the Hirer named. (hereinafter called the Hirer) of the other part. WHEREBY IS AGREED as follows:-

1. The Owner will let and the Hirer will rent from the Owner, the motor vehicle specified on the rental agreement and its accessories described in the Schedule hereto (hereinafter the motor vehicle and its accessories shall be called ‘ the Vehicle’) upon the terms and conditions set out on both sides of the rental agreement.

2. The Vehicle shall at all times remain the property of the Owner and the Hirer shall have no rights to the Vehicle other than as hirer and the Hirer shall not do or permit or cause to be done any matter or thing whereby the rights of the Owner in respect of the Vehicle and/or may be prejudicially affected.

3. The Hirer shall not be the Owner’s servant and/or agent for any purpose whatsoever. The hiring of the Vehicle will commence on the date and continue for the period specified on the agreement or until terminated pursuant to the terms herein (hereinafter call the ‘period of hire’)

4. The Hirer shall during the continuance of this Agreement :-

a) ensure that the Vehicle is only used, operated or driven properly and safely by him and/or the person(s) specifically named and authorised by the Owner on the reverse side of hereof (‘the authorised driver) provided that he and/or such person(s) hold valid and current driving licenses, are above 23 years of age and have not given false particulars to the Owner.

b) ensure that on return the Vehicle is supplied with a full tank of unleaded petrol which must be refilled at the Hirer’s expense on return and failing to do so, the hirer shall be subjected to an estimated refueling charge and a surcharge of EURO 20.

c) not leave the Vehicle unattended while it is unlocked or while the key is inside the Vehicle.

d) notify the Owner immediately upon losing possession or control of the Vehicle and take all necessary steps at his own expense to retain and recover possession of the Vehicle

e) permit the Owner or its authorised representatives at all reasonable times to inspect and test the condition of the Vehicle.

f) not use or permit the Vehicle to be used or operated in a manner contrary to any statutory provision or regulation or in any way contrary to law

g) not effect any mechanical or other modification to the Vehicle or make any alteration or additions to the Vehicle without the prior written consent of the Owner

h) not remove or interfere with any identification marks or plates affixed to the Vehicle nor attempt or purport to do so nor permit the same

i) not deface the paintwork or bodywork of the Vehicle nor add or erect any painting, sign-writing, lettering or advertising to or on the Vehicle

j) not use or permit the Vehicle to be used for hire or reward, driving tuition, towing, racing or for competing in any rally or any other form of motor sport, or for off-road use or for any illegal purpose.

k) not use or permit the Vehicle to be used or operated in a dangerous or reckless manner

l) not use or permit the Vehicle to be used while he or the authorised driver is under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, drugs, narcotics, prescription medication impairing his ability to operate the Vehicle or while either or any of them is in a physical or mental condition which impairs his ability to properly and safely drive the Vehicle or if the speedometer of the Vehicle has been tampered with or disconnected

m) pay such charges as may be imposed by any authority relating to or arising from the use of the Vehicle and pay such fines penalties and summons arising from any non compliance or contravention of any transport, traffic or other law or regulation during the period of hire.

5. We advise all our clients to take a Collision Damage Waiver (“CDW”) at a cost of Euro 10 per day. In the event of an accident where the Hirer is at fault and has taken or paid for CDW, the hirer shall only be liable to pay the first amount of Euro1500. Failure to take and pay the CDW will render the hirer liable for the full cost of loss or damage to the vehicle and sustained by the Owner in the event of an accident where the hirer is at fault, negligence or imprudent. If any loss or damage to the vehicle are caused while the hirer is in a condition herein, the Hirer shall not be entitled to claim and avail himself/herself to CDW and shall be solely responsible for such loss and damage arising out of the accident. In the event of a collision or any other incident where the Hirer has taken and paid for CDW accordingly and provided that the Hirer was not driving in violation of this agreement in time, the Owner may remit a portion of the cost of repairs or replacement of the damaged vehicle, taking into consideration that the hirer shall cover any cost which cannot be recovered from a third party or insurance company, whichever is applicable. The fee payable for the CDW is non-refundable in the event the hirer is not involved in any accident or do not cause any loss and damage to the vehicle and/or the Owner.

6. On termination of the hire howsoever or whenever occasioned or on expiry of the period of hire, the Hirer shall no longer be in possession of the Vehicle with the Owner's consent and shall return the Vehicle to the Owner in the same condition as at the commencement of the hire and at his expense. Without prejudice to the Owner's claim for any arrears in hire charges or damages for breach by the Hirer of this Agreement or any other rights hereunder, the Owner or its authorised representatives shall have the right at any time during or after the termination or expiry of the period of hire at its absolute discretion and without notice and without giving to the Hirer any reason for so doing repossess the Vehicle and for such purpose enter upon any premises or building where the Vehicle may for the time being be housed and to break open by force if necessary any such premises or building and the Hirer agrees to indemnify the Owner or its agents against any loss charges expenses or damage suffered by them or any of them whilst exercising or attempting to exercise the rights conferred by this clause and in preserving and restoring the Vehicle thereafter. The Hirer shall also on a full indemnity basis bear the costs charges and expenses incurred by the Owner in ascertaining the whereabouts of the Vehicle and/or the Hirer. On the Owner repossessing the Vehicle, this Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated.

7. The Hirer shall be solely responsible for and hold the Owner fully indemnified against all claims demands liabilities losses damages proceedings costs and expenses suffered or incurred by the Owner as a result of any failure to comply or branch of any provision in this Agreement.

8. Without prejudice, the Hirer shall indemnify the Owner against all fines penalties and liabilities imposed on the Owner or arising in respect of any non compliance or contravention of any transport, traffic or other law or regulation, together with the cost and expense including but without limitation costs on a full indemnity basis relating thereto incurred by the Owner.

9. It is hereby agreed that the loss of use shall be computed based on the Owner's prevailing hire charges.

10. The Hirer acknowledges that he is familiar with the general conditions of the Owner's standard policy of insurance which is available for inspection at the Owner's office (during normal office hours). The Hirer hereby undertakes to do everything necessary to maintain the said policies in full effect and not to do anything whereby the said policies may or will be vitiated. The Hirer shall indemnify and hold the Owner indemnified from and against all losses, claims, actions, costs and expenses should such policies be vitiated as a result of the Hirer's act or omissions.

11. If for any reason the Vehicle described in this Agreement or any other motor vehicle ordered by the Hirer prior to the commencement of the period of hire is not available at the time of such commencement, the Owner reserves the right to replace the vehicle with an alternative motor vehicle of similar seating capacity and performance.

12. The Hirer hereby agrees that the Owner shall not be liable howsoever whatsoever for loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the Hirer, authorised driver or any other person, in or upon any premises of the Owner or in the Vehicle, or any of its rental vehicles, either before or after the return of the Vehicle to the Owner, whether or not the said loss or damage was caused by or related to negligence of the Owner, its servants agents or employees. The Hirer assumes all risk of such loss or damage and shall indemnify the Owner against any claim for such loss or damage.

13. Any loss of keys whilst the car is in the possession of the Hirer will be the direct responsibility of the Hirer who will make good the loss. A delivery fee may also be levied for its replacement.

14. Any abnormal damage to tyres and rims including a puncture will be the responsibility of the Hirer. Under no circumstances will the car be driven on flat tire, failing which the Hirer assumes full responsibility for any damaged caused.

15.CANCELLATION POLICY: From booking date to days prior to arrival - 1 day rental plus 4% bank charges will applied. 2 days prior to arrival - 100% of total payment received will applied. For clients booking more that days rental, a cancellation of 2 days +4% bank charges will applied.Pirates Car Hire will refund the other days excluding bank charges for the transfer to client's account.